Business Intelligence Consulting Service

BI Consulting

By delivering insightful data through various data visualization approaches, our business intelligence (BI) consulting services assist firms in recognizing gaps and possibilities. Such a method enables remarkable outcomes and holistic solutions to many company issues. We assign a team of business analysts and BI technology experts to deliver the most promising BI consulting services.

BI Consulting
Data Integration

Data Integration

We transform tricky ideas into intelligible and practical insights by integrating data from many sources into data silos. Numerous databases are interwoven into distributed programmes to do this. These complex ideas when converted into valuable insights help all the departments to move ahead with a realistic and achievable vision.

Data Visualization

With the aid of our reporting and data visualization services, we produce visually captivating and critical reports that provide value, estimate progress, and identify practical measures to improve marketing effectiveness and meet your objectives. You must automate the creation of data-rich reports that include tables, charts, gauges, and maps, among other components, to evaluate and plan your next business intelligence strategy effectively.

Data Visualization
BI Support & Maintenance

BI Support & Maintenance

Our knowledgeable BI technology specialists can contemporize and enhance an organization’s current BI offerings, such as analytics, ETL, database design and management, reporting, and more. We deliver a comprehensive support solution tailored to an organization’s business demands and sustain a variety of BI platforms and databases. This delivers results like a low incident occurrence and a lower total cost of ownership.

Why Choose GetOnData?

We are proving services like a data warehouse, data integration, data visualization consulting, and data reports/scorecard/dashboard for building end-to-end business ntelligence.

Experience-driven and outcome-oriented

With a steady eye on the user experience and the outcomes created, we aid brands in apprehending digital technology's function in achieving strategic pursuits and settling day-to-day business challenges.

Openness, cooperation, and communication

Total project transparency and several channels of contact are available from the start. We are always keeping you informed on the headway of your project and are available whenever you need us.

Priority is placed on customer satisfaction

We offer a devoted account manager, a project manager, and a dependable delivery staff. We survey every client, and the results are shared with our leaders to come up with best possible solutions for clients.

Business Intelligence Service Industry Uses

retail bi industry use case

As one of the most data-driven industries globally, retail leans heavily on business intelligence solutions to evaluate consumer behavior, determine inventory requirements, and produce projections. BI aids merchants in the organization, analysis, and contextualization of business data from across the organization. Additionally, it offers statistics, metrics, and firm trends that support current-day business decisions.

logistic bi industry use case

Transport and logistics industries always face new issues due to the globalization of markets and the dynamic changes along the value chain. Solutions that are more effective today are required, given this complex backdrop. Companies in the transport and logistics sector are in a position to successfully satisfy present and future requirements by utilizing an industry-specific business intelligence solution.

healthcare bi industry use case

Healthcare organizations are implementing analytics and reporting tools to generate data-driven insights and enhance patient care. For a contemporary, integrated approach to healthcare, clinical organizations have employed business intelligence to store data in a centralized data warehouse, maintain patient data security, perform thorough, accurate analysis, and distribute reports among departments.

fintech bi industry use case

Significant commercial fields have always included business intelligence services. It enables you to comprehend the market and its particular patterns; data analysis can support decision-making, assisting you in developing good plans. Security and fraud detection are other areas in which BI and analytics are being used extensively. In this way, security measures against such efforts could be put in place by retailers and payment processors.

BI Consulting FAQs

What BI consulting services does GetOnData provide?

GetOnData offers mainly two kinds of services-

  • Data Integration
    Through Data Integration you can use data to perform a thorough analysis and make well-informed business decisions. This allows you to elevate your performance across departments and strategize to keep growing.

  • Data Visualization
    Data Visualization allows your data to speak so that you can draw deep insights concealed in your data. Through interactive reports, charts, graphs, live data dashboards, and other visual displays BI solutions make all of this possible.

What is the role of a Business Intelligence Consultant?

Establishing a data-driven strategy and improving your internal business processes are crucial tasks for a business intelligence consultant.

Business intelligence consultant typically identifies the pertinent data and metrics to analyze and propose a specific BI roadmap. They also offer best practices for informing your company’s users about data insights.

They excel at creating interactive data visualization reports, dashboards, and analytical data models.

Why should I hire a Business Intelligence Consultant?

Managing all the development knowledge inside can be overwhelming. Executing and implementing your business intelligence roadmap is essential. Businesses today seek quicker real-time insights while saving money and time to increase their focus on their core competencies, increase productivity, and accelerate growth.

They lessen your workload, assist you in streamlining processes, and boost productivity inside your company.

You can gain numerous advantages and streamline your job. GetOnData provides a collaborative, encouraging, committed, and outcome-driven approach.

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